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Chiropractic can help you with far more than neck and back pain. Find out how a chiropractor can give you the guidance to achieve your long term health and wellness goals.

Whether you have sport related injuries, stress and tension from work, or are just looking for relaxation – our qualified remedial massage therapist in Collins St can help you.

A healthy, balanced posture is more than just looking good – it is also a reflection of the health of your spine. Get you computerised posture analysis done now.

Straighten Out Your Health with a Chiropractor in the Melbourne CBD

Embrace a healthier version of yourself and enjoy the on-going benefits of chiropractic care at our vibrant and professional chiropractic office. Operating from our central Melbourne location, our chiropractors combine aspects of spinal health, posture, stretches, massage, exercise and healthy lifestyle modifications, whilst focusing on the relationship between the physical structure of the spine and nervous system and the function of the body. As a result, our clients walk away feeling rejuvenated and armed with a totally new lease on life.

We provide our modern fully-equipped service on Collins St in the Melbourne CBD. Our highly accredited and experienced chiropractors will hold an initial consultation with you and provide a detailed assessment of what is the cause of your condition. We can then begin work on providing a range of treatments that will help improve the health of your spine and nervous system, with the intention of alleviating the pain and discomfort caused by the problem.

At Health on Collins, the wellbeing of our patients is paramount to us – simply give us a call if you would like to hold a consultation with one of our trusted practitioners.

Talk to our team today to find out more about how we can help you

Contact us to discover more information about the wonderful world of chiropractic care. We can help arrange an appointment for you to meet with a highly-qualified, dedicated and passionate chiropractor in the Melbourne CBD. Call us on 03 9670 7056 to discuss your options and begin your pathway towards optimal health and wellbeing today.

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Our office on Collins St in the Melbourne CBD offers massage therapy (including sports massage, remedial massage and cupping techniques), chiropractic care and postural analysis and correction. Our team of skilled chiropractors and other health professionals are dedicated to implementing chiropractic and massage care that has been specifically tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Our chiropractors can give you the tools to help kick aches, pains, fatigue, stress and anxiety to the kerb and to restore that inner health you have been looking for.


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June Newsletter 2019

June Newsletter 2019

June Issue – How Poor Posture Causes Neck Pain. It’s probably safe to say that most of us at some point in time have woken up with neck pain, or can recall an event or injury that resulted in neck pain.

May Newsletter 2019

May Newsletter 2019

As part of Spinal Health Week 2019 (20-26 May), the Chiropractic Association of Australia is encouraging Australians to take care of their health, regardless of age, by making chiropractic part of their healthcare regime.

March Newsletter 2019

March Newsletter 2019

March Issue – Headaches and Migraine. Currently over 3 million Australians are suffering from headaches. What do you do when you suffer from a pounding headache?

February Newsletter 2019

February Newsletter 2019

February Issue – Back to School. Its that time of the year again, and as back to school preparations start to take place Australian chiropractors are encouraging parents to be mindful of their child’s spinal health this new school year.

January Newsletter 2019

January Newsletter 2019

January Issue – New Year, New You! The new year is such an interesting time of year. People get the chance to really start over. We make resolutions, work toward new goals, and get to set a new perspective for our lives. For many people, it’s also a time to work toward better health.

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